fashion photographer nicolaas de bruin portfolio

La fashion photographer Nicolaas de Bruin's love for fashion photography is visible in the unique and colorful images this photographer creates.

For over 10 years, his vision for fashion, lifestyle, swimwear, lingerie and beauty photography has captured his national and international clientele.

This LA fashion photographer creates unique attention grabbing looks in the fashion photography business.

Nicolaas offers photoshoots for clothing brand lookbooks and fashion catalogs, swimwear designers and cosmetic companies. He creates digital stills as well as video.

LA photographer Nicolaas de Bruin and his team are able to deliver complete product driven advertising and commercial campaigns for fashion clients on a budget or starting fashion designers.

The understanding of light in combination with fashion model facial features and his clients needs allow Nicolaas to capture the detail of his subjects with stunning result. 

Nicolaas de Bruin belongs to the select group of fashion photographers who understand that images need to sell not only a product but a brand vision or a lifestyle. 

This la fashion photographer is always looking for creative talent: art directors, wardrobe stylists, hair and makeup artists, fashion and beauty models for fashion and beauty editorials. If you think you got what it takes, shoot him an email.